19:11 Friday 25 January 2013

Dog mess is 'ruining' character of village


A ‘LOVELY village’ is being ‘ruined’ by dog fouling in its High Street, a shop owner has claimed.

Tina Adams, who runs Adams Florist in Tutbury, said she counted 11 dog messes in the High Street during a single morning.

“We must have the dirtiest village about,” she said. “The feel of this lovely village is being ruined.”

Mrs Adams said she and other traders based in the High Street had grown weary of dog mess, claiming customers were liable to treading in it or avoiding the area altogether.

“It’s not nice for us as traders having to clear it up. But if we don’t, it will be our customers who tread in it,” she said.

Asked what her message to the offending dog owners would be, Mrs Adams said: “If these people feel they are responsible enough to own a dog, they should pick its mess up.

“Why do they feel we should clean up their dogs’ mess? You wouldn’t do this with a young child, so why with a dog?”

Mrs Adams believes dog mess in Tutbury High Street first became a problem last summer, but was now worse than it had ever been.

“It is worse now than I have ever known it,” she said. “People can’t believe how bad it’s getting.

“But there is very little we can do unless we actually catch people in the act not cleaning up after their dogs.”

Pete Steadman, chairman of Tutbury Parish Council, said he would look into the issue. “We certainly take things like this very seriously,” he said.

“A serious dog mess problem is not a good thing for the village, the people who live here or its visitors.

“There are means to address it and bring people to task over it.”

Councillor Steadman said the parish council had access to a warden, employed by East Staffordshire Borough Council, with the power to carry out spot-checks and issue on-the-spot fines to offending dog owners.

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