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Dog owner in court after woman attacked


06/12/13 Snatch picSnatch pic - Thomas Alcock - dangerous dogs.... 06/12/13 Snatch picSnatch pic - Thomas Alcock - dangerous dogs....

A WOMAN was left ‘traumatised’ after she and her pet spaniel were attacked by three dogs in an East Staffordshire village, a court heard.

Amanda Valentine sustained serious injuries to her hands while trying to protect her pet after it was set upon by three lurchers in Barton under Needwood.

Owner Thomas Alcock appeared before magistrates in Burton over the attack.

Mrs Valentine was walking her dog in Efflinch Lane when the lurchers, which were regularly used in pursuit sport hare coursing, came hurtling towards her dog from a nearby field.

Terrified for the safety of her pet, which was on an extended lead, Mrs Valentine attempted to come between the dogs.

She was bitten nine times, sustaining ligament damage in her wrist.

Months on from the attack, which happened in May, she remains without the full use of her thumb.

Even after the spaniel managed to break free from the melee it was chased by one of the lurchers, until Alcock, 22, regained control of the dogs.

Moira Bell, prosecuting, said: “The spaniel couldn’t get away. She tried to get to her dog and get it away from the lurchers but they continued to attack.

“Mrs Valentine left in the road screaming, she was incredibly distressed. She is extremely hesitant about walking her dog – she certainly hasn’t walked it in that area.”

“Mr Alcock conceded he used the dogs for lure racing. Therefore they are dogs that are used for chasing things. If that is what the dogs are trained for, unfortunately that is what happened on that day.”

But Clive Rees, defending, said Alcock, of Mill Crescent, Barton, who pleaded guilty to three charges of allowing a dog to be dangerously out of control, was also a victim.

He said: “I would suggest Mr Alcock was a victim of the circumstances as much as the injured party. He didn’t do anything to make the incident happen except perhaps going to put the leads on a little late.”

Alcock is due to be sentenced on January 10.

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