15:44 Tuesday 16 April 2013

Driver clocked at 93mph during speed crackdown

Written byROB SMYTH

A SPEEDING motorist has been caught driving at more than 90mph on a road dubbed East Staffordshire’s ‘most high risk’.

The motorist chose the wrong day to break the speed limit by 23mph after he was caught out by police on the A38 yesterday as part of a Europe-wide crackdown on speeding.

Staffordshire Police, along with the Staffordshire Safer Roads Partnership, spent almost six hours patrolling the accident-plagued carrigeway in an effort to snare drivers flouting the law.

Sergeant Rob Gilligan told the Mail that the operation was a ‘success’.

He said: “Speeding is one of the major issues we are clamping down on and this operation, which was taken place across Europe, has allowed us to tackle that problem on one of East Staffordshire’s most high-risk roads.

“The A38 is well known for being a carriageway that has a high number of bad accidents and this is why we wanted to target the road.

“During the six hours we were patrolling, the highest speed clocked was 93 mph.

“We stopped a total of 16 speeding vehicles - drivers of 14 of which were referred for educational courses.

“Two were handed fixed penalty notices.

“We also seized two vehicles as they were being driven without insurance.

“I really hope that these high-visibility patrols show drivers we are taking the issue of speeding along the A38 very seriously.

“I hope this raises awareness and cuts speed, excess speed, across all roads in Staffordshire.

“Drivers should be aware that we are out there targeting those who are breaking the law.”

The operation comes just months after the completion of a safety review on the accident-plagued road.

The review, launched following the deaths of two sisters, saw dangerous gaps along the carriageway closed and the opening of talks about a temporary speed limit.

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