18:09 Monday 20 January 2014

Drivers battle the ice as flooding issue drags on


FRUSTRATED residents in a Burton street have been blighted by surface flooding problems for more than a year.

People living in Lower Outwoods Road, Horninglow, have had to contend with flooding in the street, believed to stem from drainage problems in a nearby field.

Following significant rainfall in recent weeks, the issue has been brought back to the forefront of residents’ attention and bitterly cold conditions on Sunday night meant people in Lower Outwoods Road woke up to a large sheet of ice covering a proportion of the street.

It made for treacherous conditions as motorists attempted to negotiate their way out of the street yesterday morning.

Residents have been made to cope with the issue during what has been a relatively mild winter up to now, but seeing part of her road freeze over forced Verna Smith to contact the Mail.

She said she first raised the issue with highways bosses at Staffordshire County Council in December 2012.

The authority said it was aware of the issue and plans were in place to fit an extra gully in the road.

Mrs Smith said: “A large drain is broken and the water down onto the road and now there’s just an enormous amount of water.

“I have been chasing it up since 2012 - I’ve even gone to the ombudsman.

“I’ve been living here for 17 years and it has never been this bad.

“In the summer it’s not a problem but when you get onto them they say they are doing potholes.

“I think they think it is just a blocked drain, but if it was a blocked drain I would unblock it myself.

The Horninglow area has been beset with drainage problems.

Charnwood Road resident Barry Martin told the Mail earlier this month that he too had been waiting more than a year for a drain to be unblocked in nearby Morley’s Hill.

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