08:00 Monday 07 January 2013

Easter eggs arrive early on supermarket shelves

Written byBY ROB SMYTH

SUPERMARKETS across Burton and South Derbyshire have already begun stocking Easter eggs — only weeks after Christmas.

Several supermarket giants including both the Sainsbury’s superstores in the town centre and Swadlincote and Tesco, on St Peter’s Bridge, in Burton, have started selling a selection of items including Easter eggs, Cadbury’s Creme Eggs and Mini Eggs - 13 weeks early.

Sainsbury’s said there was consumer demand for early Easter treats.

A spokesman told the Mail: “Our customers like to buy Easter eggs for friends and family over a period of time, to help spread the cost.

“Easter falls earlier this year, so we want to give our customers plenty of time to stock up.”

“It’s the second biggest seasonal event after Christmas and there is always very strong demand.”

Products are also on sale in smaller ‘express stores’ across both areas and retail giants Asda and Morrisons are soon expected to be offering customers the chance to wish friends and family a ‘Happy Easter’ earlier than ever.

The array of goodies are on offer months before the annual celebration of the resurrection of Jesus, which takes place in April.

Supermarket behemoth Tesco sells Easter treats as early as Boxing Day every year in an effort to cash in — with the chain saying it sold hundreds of thousands of Creme Eggs and more than ten tonnes of Mini Eggs in the five days between Boxing Day and December 31 last year.

A spokesman for Tesco said the early Easter was driven by demand from chocolate egg fans looking to stock up early.

He said: “We stock a small range of Easter chocolate in early January as we know some customers like to buy it now.”

Normally, Cadbury’s officially puts the top-selling Cadbury’s Creme Egg on sale for about three months, from January 1.

However, demand has seen it on sale for longer and even at certain other periods throughout the year.

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