15:31 Thursday 24 January 2013

Engineering business given the green light


john harrison john harrison

A MOTOR engineering business has been allowed to stay after councillors agreed to its approval.

Julie-Ann Hallifield applied to South Derbyshire District Council for a retrospective change of use from business and storage and distribution use to a motor engineering unit at Dovesite Business Park, in The Common, Melbourne.

Tony Sylvester, head of planning at the council, told a committee meeting, who eventually approved the plans, that: “The park, a former mushroom farm, already has permission for business use but restricted because of the homes dotted around it who could be unfairly impacted.”

It was initially mooted that the business be given a two-year trial period, but John Harrison, ward member for Melbourne, suggested a one-year trial as the business has already been up and running for a year.

He said: “I fully support new businesses. It is in everyone interests that that should happen.

“Residents are very concerned about impact on their amenity and dangers to the environment with regard to pollution and noise.”

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