13:18 Monday 16 December 2013

Festive delight as town sees shopping booster

Written byROB SMYTH

TOWN centre bosses have revealed that it has been ‘busy, busy, busy’ as traders get ready for one of the most frantic weekends of the year.

Dave Chadfield, manager of Coopers Square shopping centre in Burton, spoke as people rushed to snap up the remaining items on their Christmas shopping lists.

Although he said the real impact would not be known until the New Year, Mr Chadfield stressed that everyone involved with retail in Burton was ‘optimistic’ heading into the busiest week of the year.

He said: “It’s great to say that the centre, and Burton on the whole, is really, really busy.

“When we look back at last year, the hard figures will be a better gauge in the New Year, but we think it has improved.

“We know we will probably never see figures like we did five or so years ago due to the general economy, but things have improved and it is really good to see that.

“I walk around the centre on a daily basis and all I see is bags, bags and bags – and that is what we want.

“We want to see lots of people, happy because it is Christmas and going home with lots of bags.”

Mr Chadfield said that last weekend would normally have been the biggest one during the run-up to Christmas, however, due to the way that the holiday falls this year, this weekend will be the ‘big one’.

He added: “We are anticipating it to be busy now right through until the second of third day after Boxing Day.

“It really is all hands on deck and we hope that when we see sales figures at the start of 2014, people’s hard work really shines through.

“I have been speaking to the traders and they are in good spirits and are quietly confident of having a very good Christmas.”

Bosses at The Octagon shopping centre are also expecting a similar trend to unfold over in the next few days.

Management at both shopping centres also believe that sales launching on Boxing Day will have a major impact on whether the festive season is a retail success story for the town.

Plans are being finalised for events such as the Next Boxing Day sale, which attracts hundreds of bargain hunters.

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