17:37 Thursday 12 December 2013

Fined motorists welcome Queen's parking review


MOTORISTS who have been hit with unfair parking fines at Queen’s Hospital have welcomed news that the system is to be reviewed.

Burton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, which runs the site, issued a ‘sincere apology’ to people who had been slapped with penalties after using the confusing Parking Eye system, which makes people effectively guess how much they owe at the end of their visit.

Bosses have now launched a review into the controversial system, and have promised that no fines will be issued to people who try to pay correctly whilst it is taking place.

Angela Hurd, of Beam Hill, was hit with several fines in the same week, after she got caught out by the number plate recognition software when she rushed to see her daughter in hospital, and when she took her mum for an appointment.

She told the Mail: “I definitely welcome the review. It’s not clear enough at all. I’m glad it’s being looked at, and I hope the people that have been given tickets unfairly have them quashed.”

Sharon Withers contacted the Mail last week after she had issues with the meter when she rushed her baby granddaughter to hospital. She was terrified she would receive a fine, even though she had overpaid for her time at the Belvedere Road site.

She criticised the hospital for using a ‘cruel’ system, which was difficult to use and caused people confusion when they were in a potentially vulnerable state.

“It’s not just one or two people who have been affected by this, it’s everyone you speak to. We can only hope great thinking will prevail and they will put in something else that works or, at least, is a bit easier to use.”

Trust chief executive Helen Ashley said: “We understand visiting hospital can be an anxious time and want to ensure visits to hospital goes as smoothly as possible.”

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