08:00 Thursday 02 January 2014

Firm to cover homes but not club in flood hit area

Written byROB SMYTH

Floods around Station Rd, Rolleston on Dove. FRIDAY PM.... Floods around Station Rd, Rolleston on Dove. FRIDAY PM....

AN insurance giant has revealed that it will continue to provide cover to homes in a flood risk area.

Liverpool and Victoria (LV) revealed the news after it emerged that Rolleston Club, in Burnside, would not be covered by the firm in the event of future flooding after it tried to renew its policy.

The venue has since signed a new deal with a specialist provider, but homeowners with existing deals with LV look set to be safe, even though they are in a ‘high-risk flood area’.

A spokesman for LV said: “Rolleston Club took out an insurance policy with us in 2012, and in the run-up to the policy’s renewal in 2013, we reviewed the risks of the property again before providing a quotation.

“During this time we updated our flood risk analysis tools and our information showed that the risk of flooding at this property was too great for us to offer cover.

“We offered to continue the policy at the previous level of cover but with the exclusion of flood cover.

“We understand that a number of the main insurers also declined cover due to the high risk of flooding, but that the club did find an insurance policy through a specialist insurer.

“LV seeks to provide ongoing cover for all its customers, regardless of whether they are in a high-risk flood area.

“We will continue cover for all existing home insurance customers at renewal, despite their flood risk.

“With commercial customers, we review the risks on a case-by-case basis.”

Parts of Rolleston, including the club, were left submerged by thousands of gallons of water following flash flooding in July last year.

John Brandon, from Rolleston Club, said: “Last year, they were quite prepared to do so and this year they declined to offer us cover, despite me writing to their managing director.

“As people are aware, Rolleston is to have a considerable number of houses built in the area during the next few years. How can they if people will not be able to get flood cover?”

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