08:00 Wednesday 07 November 2012

Jobless drunk yelled racist abuse at three schoolgirls


A JOBLESS drunk hurled racist abuse at three schoolgirls wearing traditional Islamic dress — upsetting them so much they took refuge in a shop, a court has heard.

Jamie Stopp, of Springfield Road, Etwall, targeted his three victims before shouting ‘England till I die’, Southern Derbyshire Magistrates’ Court was told.

Lynne Manning, prosecuting, said the 23-year-old launched his attack in a retail park, upsetting the pupils to such a degree they sought safety in a shop.

Stopp later admitted downing up to five cans of super-strength lager and sharing a litre bottle of vodka.

He was unable to recall making any racist remarks but claimed he was ‘having a laugh by saying England till I die’.

One of Stopp’s victims told police: “He looked really angry as if he hated us because we were not white.” The defendant admitted three counts of racially aggravated harassment on September 7 in Derby.

Chris Hallas, defending, said: “It was an extremely unpleasant incident with the young girls but didn’t last too long.

“But no matter how long, it was too much and too long.” The solicitor said there was ‘no excuse, no explanation’ for Stopp’s behaviour, but told the court alcohol had played a part.

Drink had damaged the defendant’s health and personal relationships, magistrates heard.

Mr Hallas said: “Alcohol disinhibits his behaviour. He now expresses shame and victim empathy.” Stopp was handed a 12-week jail term, suspended for a year, and ordered to compensate his victims by paying them £100 each at the rate of £10 per fortnight.

Magistrate Katherine Heap told him: “The three young girls said they felt ashamed, distressed, unsafe and threatened by what you did.”

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