08:00 Saturday 23 February 2013

Knife threat to ex-lover


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A BURTON man who held a knife to his former girlfriend’s throat threatening to stab her, was jailed for four months by a judge.

Clint Mansfield followed Gemma Brown home after she had been out celebrating her birthday and attacked her in the bedroom, Stafford Crown Court heard.

He pinned her down on the bed and squeezed her by the throat until she had difficulty breathing, said Sati Ruck, prosecuting.

Mansfield then went to the kitchen and returned with a large carving knife. He grabbed Ms Brown and held the pointed blade to her neck, saying he was going to stab her and if he couldn’t have her, no-one else would.

She eventually managed to punch him, pushed him away and ran out of the door in to the street where she was seen distressed and crying.

Mansfield, 35, of Long Street, admitted a charge of assault causing actual bodily harm.

Judge Mark Eades told him: “Breakups can be very painful. You followed [Ms Brown] and went in to her house, putting her in fear of being killed. For her it was a terrifying experience and it was designed to be terrifying.”

Mrs Ruck said the couple had had an on-off four year relationship, but she ended it because of his increasingly aggressive behaviour.

On July 5, last year, she had been to The Gardens public house, in Ferry Street, Stapenhill, for a birthday celebration.

The defendant was in the pub and he kept pestering her to resume the relationship until she shouted at him to leave her alone.

When she left the pub, Mansfield followed her to her home and attacked her.

Mansfield, who was not represented, told the judge: “There was no threat on my behalf that I was going to kill her. I know it’s a serious matter... I regret I did it.”

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