12:45 Tuesday 17 December 2013

Life-saving defibrillator installed at Gresley FC


WHEN a spectator suffered a heart attack at a Gresley FC match several years ago, bosses at the club knew they had to do something in case it happened again.

So when the opportunity of purchashing a defibrillator came up, they jumped at the chance to install the life-saving piece of equipment.

The machine has now arrived at the Church Gresley club, and people are trained to use it, in the hope that if anyone ever suffers a heart attack again, they will be able to take the right course of action.

Club chairman Barry North said: “I hope to God we’ll never have to use it, but should the occasion arise, we will be prepared for it.”

It is now several years since the incident which sparked this purchase.

The game had only just kicked off when the man involved collapsed with a heart attack, and people could do little but stand aside while they waited for the paramedics.

Mr North said he did not want to see that happen again. He added that the sudden heart attack suffered by former Engladn under-21 player Fabrice Muamba had also made people realise the importance of helping people in that situation as soon as possible.

He added: “He is now alright, but he would not have been had it been left. You think about if that was one of your players and you just don’t want it to happen.

“Somebody could go through a heart attack and think that was it, but the defibrillator can bring them back to life. It’s an amazing piece of equipment.”

Two people at the club – Jean Bannister and Kate Collier – have been trained to use the equipment, and more are to be trained up as time goes by.

The defibrillator was purchased with money from the British Heart Foundation and the FA, as well as with more than £400 funding from the club, which was raised through various channels.

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