08:41 Wednesday 09 October 2013

Loose horse led to road closure


POLICE were called out over a 24 hour period to reports of a horse on the loose in Church Broughton.

Derbyshire Police attended Mount Pleasant at 10.30am on Monday following reports of the horse running in the road.

Officers then tried to find a temporary home for the animal by contacting rescue centres.

After being left in a field the stallion then got loose again later that night, and police were assisted by staff from a Burton wildlife rescue centre.

A police spokesman said: “ Late on Monday night we had a call from a woman saying the horse had escaped and was galloping up and down the road. Officers went down and said it was quite a feisty horse.

“Officers blocked the lane at around midnight to ensure everybody’s safety.”

A field was found for the stray horse by 3am on Tuesday.

The spokesperson added: “It is not a police matter but it was a potential danger to traffic and we have got to try and keep the roads safe.”

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