11:51 Monday 30 December 2013

Love it or leave it spread falls from the top spot

Written byROB SMYTH

A BURTON-based spread which uses the catchphrase ‘love it or leave it’ has lost its top spot at the nation’s favourite spread.

Britons are falling out of love with Marmite, which is produced by Unilever in Wellington Road, according to new sales figures.

The iconic brand has been ousted from top of the sales league by Rowse Honey, whose popularity has been boosted by the massive boom in home baking.

The love it or leave it spread has been a staple of the British diet since it was first produced in Burton in 1902.

But trade magazine The Grocer says Marmite has now lost its position as Britain’s favourite spread after a slump in sales this year.

“Our love-hate relationship with Marmite took a turn for the worse this year as it has been usurped as Britain’s best-selling spread by Rowse Honey,” it said.

Marmite sales plummeted 5.1 per cent in terms of value and 1.2 per cent in volume while sales of Rowse Honey soared nearly 18 per cent in value and 21 per cent in volume, according to magazine’s 2013 top products survey.

Rowse attributed its climb in popularity to honey’s versatility as a cookery ingredient and not just a spread.

But Marmite was not the only brand to lose out.

A number of other household names have also had a tough year.

Heinz Beanz sales slid 11 per cent in volume and 6.9 per cent in value, with total sales of all beans in the UK down 8.3 per cent this year, according to the survey.

Tea sales were down six per cent, with the Tetley brand seeing the biggest decline – down nearly 16 per cent in volume.

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