14:35 Friday 15 November 2013

MP hits back at party rent claims


South Derbyshire District Council councillorsHeather Wheeler South Derbyshire District Council councillorsHeather Wheeler

SOUTH Derbyshire’s MP has hit back at reports she paid rent on her Swadlincote office to the Conservative Party.

Reports surfaced natioanlly that Heather Wheeler was among nearly 250 MPs to have an office leased by a party.

While there are no rules to stop MPs from renting from their party, the Taxpayers’ Alliance called it a ‘back-door subsidy to political parties’.

But Mrs Wheeler insisted national reports naming her were wide of the mark.

She said: “IPSA pays two thirds of the cost of the building which goes back to the people we rent from. Clearly if the Conservative Association owned the building there could be a possible profit being made, but it does not.”

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