17:00 Wednesday 11 December 2013

Mistreated foals look set for improved life

Written byROB SMYTH

THREE foals who have become firm friends after being rescued from horrific conditions are on the hunt for a new home.

Charlee, Davey and Oscar were taken in by the RSPCA when inspectors on emergency calls discovered the horses they were with dying.

Despite suffering a terrible start in life the trio – dubbed the three amigos – have recovered and are ready to find a new home.

Polly Underwood, equine inspector for the RSPCA, said: “These three little foals have had an appalling start to life.

“One was dumped with his starving mother, another was found standing with a dying foal in a ditch and the third was tethered to a telegraph pole so tight he couldn’t move.”

Oscar was rescued early in October from a field near Ashby.

He was tethered to a telegraph pole so tight he could not reach the ground to feed.

He came in with another foal which was also in a poor state and sadly did not survive.

Charlee was dumped with his mum on a roadside near Ashby one month later.

His mother was emaciated and had open sores crawling with maggots.

Sadly she was in such a poor condition she was put to sleep by a vet.

Davey was abandoned in a field in Bedford along with another foal which was collapsed and bloated in a water-filled ditch.

Miss Underwood added: “They’ve had lots of love and care to help them recover, build their strength and get them fit again.

“They’ve only been in our care for a short time but they have flourished. They are three playful, cheeky, wonderful little chaps with a really bright future ahead of them.”

Anyone who can offer the animals a foster home or a permanent home is urged to get in touch with the RSPCA by calling 0300 123 8877.

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