11:41 Monday 09 December 2013

Motorists handed free gift to prevent thefts

Written byROB SMYTH

Motorists handed free gift to prevent thefts

LEICESTERSHIRE Police is giving away free ice scrapers to urge motorists not to leave their vehicles unattended with its engine running while de-icing them.

The force decided to make the unusual move to remind motorists not to leave their car unattended with the engine running.

Officers are also urging motorists to make sure they clear their windscreen completely and not to drive off until it is clear.

Detective Inspector Steve Durrant said: “Every winter on frosty mornings people leave vehicles with engines running while they go indoors to keep out of the cold.

“It’s therefore no surprise that when they go back outside their driveway is empty, as it only takes a few seconds to steal a car when the keys are left in the ignition.”

Free ice scrappers are available at police stations across the area.

Date of Royal British Legion meeting revealed

THE date of the next Swadlincote and District Branch of the Royal British Legion has been announced.

It will take place 7.30pm on Thursday at the Belmont Services Club, Swadlincote.

Anyone who is interested in joining the branch is urged to attend and contact branch secretary Glyn Jackson on 07732 346631. More information is available online at www.britishlegion.org.uk/branches/swadlincote

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