08:00 Saturday 08 December 2012

Parish calls for PCSOs to 'get back on streets'


COMMUNITY leaders have expressed concerns about youngsters causing a nuisance in a neighbourhood.

online newsThe issue was raised during the latest meeting of Overseal Parish Council.

Members of the public had reported seeing under-age children smoking around the village hall site in Woodville Road.

Another resident claimed that she had witnessed local schoolchildren on several occasions being abusive to people when they were getting off their school bus in Lullington Road.

Parish council chairman Carole Knight said: “It has been brought to my attention that there are some children being a nuisance in the village.

“Some kids have been spotted hanging around the village hall smoking and we know they are under age because they buy sweets from the youth clubs.

“I was also told that school kids are shouting and swearing at people in the post office when they get off the buses.

“I’m not sure if some of the remarks have been racist but I don’t think it’s been very pleasant at all.

“We don’t know what bus or which school the children are coming from as there are a couple of stops in the Lullington Road area — but this issue needs addressing, in fact both of these problems need nipping in the bud before they get any worse.”

Ms Knight highlighted the importance of local Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) and said patrols needed stepping up in the area.

She added: “I haven’t seen any PCSOs in the area for several months but we could do with their support to help monitor these problems.

“When we had regular patrolling officers, issues involving local children seemed to be under control.

“We need to see the PCSOs back on the streets to stop the problems from escalating again.”

Clerk John White said the reason why Overseal’s PCSO had not been around recently was because they had been helping a newly recruited officer in the Newhall area.

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