17:53 Thursday 14 February 2013

Police boss meets townfolk in drugs raid aftermath


BURTON’S Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) for Staffordshire took to town’s streets to gauge public reaction following the arrest of 16 suspected drug dealers.

Staffordshire PCC Matthew Ellis greeted members of the public in Burton yesterday following the second phase of Operation Nemesis, executed by Staffordshire Police on Wednesday morning.

Operation Nemesis is the name given to the ongoing Staffordshire Police operation targeting suspected drug dealers across the county.

Mr Ellis said: “I wanted to talk to people about their thoughts on policing and recent crackdown on drug dealers.

“I think it is uplifting to hear people saying lots of good things about the police.”

East Staffordshire has witnessed a 72 per cent reduction of all crime since the operation’s first exercise on January 16, in which 17 suspected drug dealers were arrested.

Mr Ellis said: “Even low level crime has died a death.

“The incredible thing is that a relatively small number of people are responsible for all sorts of crime.

Mr Ellis had a firm and firm message to the town’s criminals.

“I want to be really clear – we have a determined and serious approach.

“Everything we do sends a clear message out that Burton is not the place for committing crime.

“There will be more determined action like people have seen over the last few weeks.

“I make no apologies for hounding these people out of the county.”

Mr Ellis added that Staffordshire Police has identified 4000 problem families across the county.

He said: “If these families behaved a little differently then crime would be massively reduced.

“Many people lead chaotic lives which can be the plague of the community.

“We will try to help these people deal with their issues. But if they are not interested in change the full force of the law will come down on them.”

Out on the streets, Burton’s townfolk welcomed news of the latest crackdown.

Dave Webb, 47, of Old Hall Drive, Willington, said: “I have seen quite a lot going on and it’s good to get rid of this sort of people.

“I was in Burton yesterday morning and saw the police cars so I knew something was going on

“I’m all for it – long may it continue until they have got rid of them all.”

Sheila Brown, 67, of Cumberland Road, Stapenhill, said: “It’s great news to hear crime has been cut by so much.

“It’s a long time in coming, but it’s still fantastic news.”

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