08:01 Monday 20 January 2014

'Ridiculous' to give children dog fouling bags


AN idea to give primary school children dog foul bags to warn their parents over the mess has been branded ‘ridiculous’.

Councillor Jim Muir, a member of Brizlincote Parish Council, came up with the notion during the council’s meeting on Thursday after several complaints were made again about dog fouling.

Councillor Bernard Peters, who represents Brizlincote Valley on East Staffordshire Borough Council, told parish councillors: “We had received several complaints over dog fouling so I got the neighbourhood teams up last week.

“We spoke to dog owners. Many already had bags and they were aware of the concerns people had about communication over dog fouling.

“Bags were also handed out.

“Hopefully people will realise what a revolting habit (dog fouling) is.”

Councillor Muir then suggested to further communicate the problem, children at Violet Way Academy could be given a dog fouling bag ‘as a present’ and told to give them to their parents, telling them what they were for.

However, Councillor Peters said: “How do you get that message to children? I don’t think children of that age would remember.”

Parish councillor, Ruth Goldstraw, added: “And it isn’t something we would expect children to do. It is a bit ridiculous.”

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