08:00 Wednesday 16 January 2013

Snowy shroud slow to go as mercury creeps up


THE snowy shroud enveloping the landscape took time to melt away before the mercury rose.

As these images captured by Mail photographer Simon Deacon show, an abundance of white flakes littered the turf at St George’s Park before they finally succumbed to the weak winter sun.

A spokesman for Newhall Weather Station said the snowfall amounted to just 40mm.

“The one that’s just hit use seemed to be a very thin band running through Northumberland, Durham and Derbyshire before petering out,” he said.

“Norfolk has had it bad but the rest of the country has escaped it.”

Drivers faced far more treacherous conditions on the roads after temperatures plummted to -3.1C at 8am yesterday.

However, anyone thinking the worst of the winter ‘white-out’ has passed could well be in for a big surprise.

“The way things are looking, there’s a big block of low pressure coming across the Atlantic now and it’s likely to hit us on Friday, Saturday or Sunday,” the weather station spokesman said.

“Unless it breaks up it’s looking pretty bad and will be worse than the one we’ve just had.”

He said the weather front could dump up to 70mm of snow on Burton and South Derbyshire, rendering this week’s effort a comparative sprinkling.

The spokesman agreed it was time for people to wrap up and prepare for the worst.

If his forecast proves accurate, Mr Deacon will soon be able to treat us to many more stunning images of St George’s Park in the snow.

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