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A PERSISTENT offender who terrorised people with his antisocial behaviour will now see his face splashed across Burton and South Derbyshire in a bid to warn others.

Joshua Matlock, of Small Thorn Place, Woodville, has been handed a three-year antisocial behaviour order (Asbo) after a court heard he had “a history of offending” that included racially aggravated assault.

Police and South Derbyshire District Council submitted the joint application for the Asbo after people in the neighbourhood where the 20-year-old lived, complained about his behaviour.

Now, Derbyshire Police has taken the extraordinary step of distributing leaflets and posters featuring pictures of the youth and warning people of the terms of his order, which lasts until January 24, 2016.

In this order, the yob now prohibited from:

Acting or encouraging others to act in a manner that causes or is likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress to one or more people who do not live with him in South Derbyshire.

Actively pursuing or chasing anyone in a public area causing them or a member of the public to be alarmed or distressed.

Associating in a public place, within South Derbyshire, with Adam Greig (not the subject of an Asbo).

Acting or encouraging others to act in a racist manner.

Causing nuisance, disturbance or harassment to any residents in Small Thorn Place, Woodville.

A spokesman for the Safer South Derbyshire Partnership urged the public to help in monitoring Matlock’s behaviour, adding that it was hoped the case would encourage others whose lives are blighted by antisocial behaviour to report it.

He said: “Joshua must not act in any anti-social way, which causes, or is likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress to others.

“If he breaks his Asbo he will be arrested and will be taken back before the court.

“Joshua is now suffering the consequences of his own antisocial behaviour.

“If others cause harassment, alarm or distress we can work together to stop them and make South Derbyshire an even safer and happier area for our children and ourselves.

“You can report any breach of the Asbo to Derbyshire Police or to the Safer South Derbyshire Partnership’s Antisocial Behaviour Officer, safe in the knowledge that you are helping to protect your community and make it safer.

“By getting involved and having the courage to speak out, we can make individuals like Josh Matlock accountable for their actions.”

Anyone who wishes to report a breach of Matlock’s Asbo is asked to telephone Derbyshire police on 101 or Safer South Derbyshire Partnership’s antisocial behaviour officer on 01283 595798.

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