10:58 Thursday 26 December 2013

Ten receive cricket ban in Twitter crackdown

Written byROB SMYTH

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BOSSES have revealed that 10 people have been banned ‘indefinitely’ from all grounds, venues, buildings and events connected with Derbyshire County Cricket Club following an investigation into their inappropriate use of social network sites.

The group of individuals were handed the punishment by Cricket Derbyshire after being caught up in a row that saw several offensive messages posted on Twitter, some dubbed ‘defamatory and pornographic’.

However, the body refused to reveal the names of those involved but did move to announce that they had published a ‘top tips’ for using social media that would be distributed to all clubs and players.

A spokesman for Cricket Derbyshire said: “I can confirm that ten individuals are banned indefinitely from all grounds, venues, buildings and events connected with Derbyshire County Cricket Club.

“In the case of individuals affiliated as players to clubs within the Derbyshire Premier League and Derbyshire County League, I understand that the two leagues also took disciplinary action.

“I’m not, however, aware of the punishments that were handed out by the said leagues.

“We won’t be publicly releasing any names.”

Earlier this year, the Mail revealed that cricketer Gaz Young, the man at the story of the social network row, was banned for four years in total following a Derbyshire Premier League disciplinary committee hearing.

The punishment was doled out after Mr Young posted a message via Twitter that appeared to poke fun at new Derbyshire Premier League champions Swarkestone, through the use of an explicit image.

A spokesman for Cricket Derbyshire added: “Social media is a brilliant communication tool for anybody that plays, watches or has in interest in cricket in Derbyshire. The interactions we receive are overwhelmingly constructive and positive. Long may they continue and – providing a little common sense is shown – there is no need for anyone to be afraid of posting.”

League chiefs also said that it now had a ‘zero tolerance’ to social media misuse.

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