Published: 30/08/2010 08:00

'Tortured' patient tells of Queen's Hospital visit hell

Written byROB SMYTH

AN INVESTIGATION is under way after a patient described her treatment by doctors as ‘torture’.

Helen AshleyChristine Astle, of High Street, Newhall, contacted the Mail after she made a formal complaint about her treatment following a visit to Burton’s Queen’s Hospital on Thursday, August 26.

Mrs Astle was rushed to the hospital’s accident and emergency department after she complained of chest pains and shortness of breath.

Once doctors had conducted a number of tests, she was informed that she would have to be admitted to the Emergency Assessment Ward.

Mrs Astle initially refused to go as, only a few weeks earlier, she had had problems on the same ward, but in the end she relented.

Once there Mrs Astle and her husband, Wayne, claimed that they waited for nearly four hours to see a doctor — and the medic only arrived after Mr Astle complained to nurses.

Mrs Astle, who suffers from fibromyalgia and lung complaints, said: “I get very anxious and upset due to my problems and the way they made me wait and then treated me was a disgrace.

“It felt like they were torturing me and all I wanted to do was to get some medicine to help ease my pain.

“We were admitted to the ward around 9pm and the doctor saw another five or six patients without even acknowledging us.

“In the end my husband had to ask if we were going to be seen and then the doctor came across as very arrogant and made me very upset.

Mr Astle said: “My wife is very ill and I cannot believe the way they have treated her.

“We have lost all trust in the hospital and now that we have lodged a complaint will be looking to move hospitals to hopefully receive a better standard of care.” Helen Ashley, chief executive of Burton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, said: “I am saddened to learn that Mrs Astle feels she has cause to complain following her attendance at Queen’s.

“Mrs Astle has spoken to our Patient Advice and Liaison Service today and we are now in the process of dealing with her complaint through our formal procedure.


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