09:34 Tuesday 31 December 2013

Two-star rating was 'lowest score ever'


30/12/13 Pizza Plaza - Burton, burtonPizza Plaza - Waterloo St, Burton 30/12/13 Pizza Plaza - Burton, burtonPizza Plaza - Waterloo St, Burton

THE owner of a takeaway pizza shop was told to make a number of improvements to meet food hygiene standards following an inspection by East Staffordshire Borough Council.

Pizza Plaza in Waterloo Street was given a two-star rating out of a possible five.

On the day the inspector visited last month there were pizza bases being stored on the floor, and staff were using a toilet where the sink had no hot water or soap.

Arshed Hussain, who has owned the shop for 15 years, said he was disappointed with the inspector’s report, but had made the necessary improvements required.

He told the Mail: “This is our lowest score ever.

“From my point of view when you are working you are going to have a bit of mess on the floor.

“It was nothing major so she (the inspector) is going to come back and inspect it and will give us a rating from that.”

The report stated that ‘there was a limited amount of liquid soap and no hygienic method of drying hands available at the wash hand basin in the food preparation area’.

Mr Hussain said the pizza bases had been stored in trays so it the dough had not been touching the floor.

The pizza bases have now been moved onto a bench.

He said hot water had also been installed and new seals had been put on the fridges.

He added: “I was disappointed because we have always had three or four stars, but everything has been done now.

“We had a fire last year and the health and safety book was damaged.”

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