16:20 Tuesday 15 January 2013

Victory for historic hedge


A 300-YEAR-OLD hedge which was under threat of removal has been allowed to stay.

AJ Parker and Sons had been refused permission to remove a hedgerow on land at Coal Lane, Hartshorne, by South Derbyshire District Council due to its historical value.

However, the applicants took their proposals to appeal but have been refused permission again.

In dismissing the appeal, panning inspector Edward Simpson noted that the hedge shown on the Hartshorne Enclosure Plan of 1766 held at Derbyshire Records Office.

He said: “It therefore meets the criteria of historic value and due to its location parallel to public footpath and the trees and species within it, it has significant landscape value.”

The company wanted to remove 130m of hedgerow which separates an existing field from a newly acquired field, and replace it with anothe

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