08:24 Wednesday 18 December 2013

Violent thug is back in jail


A THUG who became involved in a brawl in a Burton nightclub while on life licence from prison was today back behind bars.

Daniel Holliday aimed punches at door staff who were trying to break up the fight in Fever, in High Street.

Holliday, of Derby Street, Burton, was on licence at the time of the incident after being jailed indefinitely in 2006 as a 17-year-old following a horrific attack in which he left a man with severe injuries after repeatedly stamping on his head.

The victim, Adam Dakin, who was also bitten twice, suffered multiple fractures to his face, including his cheekbone, eye socket and jaw.

The judge in the case described it as ‘one of the most ferocious and sustained attacks’ he had ever witnessed.

At the time Holliday was told he would only be considered for release when not deemed a threat to the public, but now finds himself back behind bars.

Under the terms of his licence, Holliday, now 25, was not allowed to enter pubs or clubs in Burton.

A parole board will now decide whether Holliday is fit for release in the new year.

Magistrates in Burton heard how what began as Holliday attempting to defuse an altercation involving a friend ended with him throwing punches towards door staff and other revellers.

Moira Bell, prosecuting, said: “Mr Holliday was pushed by another man. They then began throwing punches at each other. They slipped on the floor and Mr Holliday then started pushing members of the door staff.

“This gentleman was quite clearly seen flailing at members of the door staff but was not shown on CCTV to have made connection. It was not started by this gentleman but ended with him throwing punches at members of the public and door staff.

“He was on licence and should not have been in licenced premises in Burton and should not have been under the influence of alcohol.”

Glenn Cook, defending, said: “Mr Holliday was not instrumental in the instigation of that incident. Initially he was trying to defuse the situation and drag his friend away, but he then went back to the situation and has thrown a number of punches.

“But it is quite clear he did not instigate the disturbance that unfolded.”

Holliday pleaded guilty to using threatening words and behaviour during the incident which happened on August 23.

He was given an eight-week jail sentence but a parole board is due to decide next month whether he will be released after breaking the terms of his licence.

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