08:00 Monday 19 November 2012

Waging war on dog mess by spraying it with paint


A COUNCILLOR is embarking on a colourful mission to highlight the problem surrounding dog mess in his home village.

Pat Murray
Pat Murray

Pat Murray, who lives in Midway and represents the area on Derbyshire County Council, told Hartshorne Parish Council, which covers upper Midway, that he had bought spray paint in a bid to highlight the amount of dog faeces left behind.

He told members that South Derbyshire District Council’s environmental department had handed out cards at homes, especially in Salisbury Drive, warning residents about dog fouling problems in the area and urging owners to pick up after their pets.

Councillor Murray said: “They received a card through the letter box due to dog fouling on grass verges and footpaths, so I have purchased some DayGlo paint and will be going around the area to highlight it.

“It is getting worse and that’s why people are sending the cards out.

“They do send patrols out but people usually walk their dogs early in the morning or late at night.

“I recently saw someone open their car door, the dog jumped out, did its business and got back in the car and its owner drove off.

“The problem is that people moan about it and they think they know who it is that is responsible but it is their reluctance to pass information on.”

The councillor will be using yellow spray paint on the grass verges and green on footpaths to tackle the problem, which can cause health risks.

He said: “They are not using the park or the playing fields because it is so boggy so they walk around the streets.

“I decided to paint the mess to highlight the problem, as we have a lot of people doing this. I have noticed it recently and it is absolutely a problem everywhere you go on the estate.

“Since the cards were handed out, I have noticed that it has improved but there is still mess.

“I am furious about it because I go to (county council headquarters at) Matlock at about 6.30am and don’t see the dog mess until I get in my car and it’s over my shoe and I have to sit in the meeting with the horrible smell.”

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