16:42 Tuesday 10 December 2013

Woman left to foot bill for driving over bollard


10/12/13 Bollards - High St, , BurtonAnother driver has collided with the Burton Bollard system 10/12/13 Bollards - High St, , BurtonAnother driver has collided with the Burton Bollard system

A WOMAN from Birmingham had to pay £200 for a rescue company to tow her car away after becoming the latest victim of the Burton town centre bollards.

Chantelle Thompson, 31, followed her sat nav to turn left into High Street, at the Market Place, when she drove over the unraised bollard yesterday morning.

Speaking to the Mail shortly after the incident she said that the signs simply were not clear enough, adding that she had never seen a system like it in any other town.

Miss Thompson said: “The bollard was down when I came around the corner. I turned left, not thinking that I was going to hit something - I thought ‘what the hell was that?’ I knew it couldn’t be another car.”

Miss Thompson, an engineer, had been heading to Burton to carry out a job for HSBC bank in High Street.

She has only had the car, a BMW, for a year.

She said: “ I hope it isn’t the engine. I saw online that a woman had to pay £20,000 to repair the damage.

“The RAC wouldn’t come as it was an accident, so I had to pay them £200 to recover the car.

She added: “The signs were not clear enough, they should say ‘bollard to the left.’

Police attended the scene yesterday and buses were forced to use the other side of the road to get through to the restricted zone.

There have been numerous incidents of people driving into the bollards since they were introduced, with many of these taking place in the past two months.

The majority of people say they did not see the signs.

A review of the bollards by Staffordshire County Council has taken place and the results are due to be released within the next two weeks.

Victims of the bollards this year have included a pregnant woman, a pensioner and a woman who held a permit for High Street.

Opinion is divided on whether the bollards should stay or go with many people believing that it is the fault of the driver, while other think the number of incidents proves they should be removed.

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