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The Glebe Pre-school

The Glebe 2

The Glebe Pre-school is a registered charity with over 45 years' experience. We are run by a dedicated and enthusiastic management committee made up of volunteers including parents of the children.

Monkey Factor

Published: Thu 18 Jul 2013

Monkey Forest

Trentham Monkey Forest launches 'Monkey Factor' competition

Sleeping Beauties

Published: Tue 16 Jul 2013


We all know sleep has a big impact on our health and well being and when we don't get enough sleep this has a big effect on our ability to concentrate and remember things as well as ward of sickness and

Purr-fect Pets

Published: Mon 15 Jul 2013

Pets Corner

Having any animal as a pet is a big responsibility for the whole family. A kitten or cat may be very playful and cuddly, but also needs lots of looking after to make sure it is happy and healthy.

Manage your allergy

Published: Mon 15 Jul 2013

Manage your allergy

Just as the weather begins to get better and everyone wants to throw open the windows to enjoy the fresh air and warm sun, hayfever can strike, making sufferers feel miserable and unable to concentrate.

Stranger Danger

Published: Mon 15 Jul 2013

stranger Danger

A stranger is someone you don't know - it can be a man or a woman, they can be young or old and they could look nice or a little bit scary.

Pack up a Picnic

Published: Wed 10 Jul 2013

Pack up a Picnic

WITH WARMER weather it's time to make the most of any sunshine and head to the great outdoors for some fresh air and the chance for your children to burn off some excess energy!

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