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Overseal pollution problems due to traffic lights probed

By Burton Mail  |  Posted: July 31, 2014

A444 junction in Overseal.

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COUNTY council chiefs are investigating a complaint about the noise and pollution caused by cars queuing at a set of traffic lights in a South Derbyshire village.

Derbyshire County Council is looking closely at the lights at the junctions of the A444 Burton Road, Woodville Road and Lullington Road in Overseal, after a member of the public raised several issues with Overseal Parish Council.

The resident has said that traffic using the road is held up by the lights, particularly at night, which caused "noise nuisance and pollution." A parish council report said: "A resident who occupies a property near to the traffic lights has complained that traffic using the A444 is being held up unnecessarily and caused noise and pollution.

"He had reported the problem to the county council who are to undertake a site visit.

"However, it was felt that a site visit during the day would not diagnose the problem and a practical solution would be to arrange for the lights to be permanently on green on the A444 during the night, except when the sensors in the side roads indicated the presence of traffic.

"This has been referred to the county council."

The traffic lights were installed last year at the busy crossroads to ease congestion following a fight lasting more than 20 years.

A spokesman for Derbyshire County Council, which undertook the work, said: "The new traffic light scheme was designed to reduce congestion and improve traffic flow and help pedestrians cross the road safely with pelican crossings being added to the junction."

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  • 2929296  |  August 02 2014, 10:38AM

    It is obvious that the traffic lights have neither reduced congestion nor improved traffic flow. At certain times of the day there are tailbacks on the A444 up to half a mile long and as well as causing delays these tailbacks produce a high noise level of stopping and starting vehicles, some with very loud music and also making the lives of people on Main Street and Burton Road a misery because the waiting vehicles block their driveways and many drivers are reluctant to give way. Another spin-off is the considerable increase in speed of vehicles on Lullington Road and Woodville Road because they are rushing for the green lights and this is quite hazardous in the area of the post office where very often, elderly people are getting in and out of cars. [ the article in Saturdays Mail about tractors speeding does not pick up the fact that all vehicles have speeded up due to the lights]. It is a shame that people were not consulted about the scheme as there might have been chance to discuss the probability of the occurrence of these side effects. All in all all life was better before the installation.

  • lizzyben  |  August 01 2014, 1:10PM

    I am a resident directly affected by these lights and the resulting noise and air pollution. These lights have added to the congestion, substantially increased the air pollution levels and noise from standing traffic engines, in car music systems when vehicle windows are left open, and noisy brakes from HGV's all hours of the day and night. They were also to increase safety, however a large number of HGV's and cars are jumping the lights on red on a daily basis and as a result there have been three serious accidents since these lights have been installed. I and others directly affected were not consulted during the consultation process and therefore our views were not sought prior to this installation and has no one considered the devaluatuon of our properties due to the noise/air pollution levels. The amount of new houses being proposed and built in the area each with at least two vehicles potentially using the A444, this situation is going to get worse - we need a traffic/pollution survey with results published to see if they fall withing the EU recommended limits. I have a solution to these issues BUILD A BY PASS AROUND OVERSEAL and bring peace to the residents.