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Pupils switch roles with staff to take over school

By Burton Mail  |  Posted: November 24, 2012

Paulet High School Takeover Day

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IT was all change at the top at a Burton school as pupils took over as teachers and staff for the day.

Paulet High School, in Violet Way, Stapenhill, hosted the Children’s Commissioner’s Takeover Day 2012 with pupils shadowing staff, teaching lessons and some even held a leadership team meeting making decisions on a special future project.

Head teacher Tracy Rees said “This is the third year we have been involved in takeover day and the students are very excited about the prospect of running the school.

“Pupils have had to write letters of application for each role and the successful applicants were chosen by the head boy and head girl.

“Pupils taking part learn very quickly what a complex organisation a school is and how highly skilled teachers are.

“They also learn how rewarding (and occasionally frustrating) it can be to work with more than 700 teenagers.”

Eleven-year-old Leigh Harvey, who took Mrs Rees’s role as head teacher as part of the takeover, said: “I applied for the head teacher role because I like being bossy and I like to take over a lot.

“It was fun to be a head teacher and it was an opportunity of a lifetime” Reece Wolfe got an insight into the role of deputy head teacher with Connor Taylor, Hannah Wright and Billi Kent acting‘Pupils taking part learn very quickly what a complex organisation a school is and how highly skilled teachers are’ Head teacher Tracy Rees as assistant heads.

Curtis Robson became head of year for the day, Sam Collins took over as the premises manager, Paige Vandome was the school librarian, Lucy Goodyear had the role of the school business manager and Hannah Stockman worked as an inclusion support officer.

More than 20 other students spent the day teaching and taking part in lessons during the day.

It was expected that more than 50,000 youngsters across the country will have taken part in the event.

The day was designed to allow young people to make a difference to their schools and communities, put their views across and challenge the stereotypes about youngsters.

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  • Burton Mail  |  January 25 2013, 9:01PM

    this day was amazing i am the blonde one standing at the front taking the biggest part of the whole day it was as Mrs Rees the head teacher it was very good to join in as it was such a good event

  • Burton Mail  |  November 27 2012, 8:38PM

    What a great idea! I am sure the kids involved have been inspired by their brief taste of the adult world. All credit to the school and staff for taking the time and effort to do something different for the benefit of the students.

  • Burton Mail  |  November 26 2012, 11:19AM

    FAO Dave: The day although fun is very much related to the curriculum. There is nothing wrong with a child having fun when they learn. Get with the times Dave. I think you should reconsider being a teacher if you disagree with the Children Commissioner's Takeover Day. Not only that you remind me of Ms Trunchbull from Matilda haha. See below how the day is related to the NI. Key Concepts 1.1 Democracy and justice: a. Participating actively in different kinds of decision- making and voting in order to influence public life 1.2 Rights and responsibilities: a. Exploring different kinds of rights and obligations and how these affect both individuals and communities Key Processes 2.1 Critical thinking and enquiry: a. Engage with and reflect on different ideas, opinions, beliefs and values b. Research, plan and undertake enquiries into issues and problems using a range of information and sources 2.2 Advocacy and representation: b. Express their opinion based on research, thought and interaction 2.3 Taking informed and responsible action: a. Take action on problems
b. Work individually and with others to negotiate, plan and take action e. Reflect on the progress they have made Range and Content 3d. Actions citizens can take to influence decisions
3h. The impact and consequences of individual and collective actions on communities, including the work of the voluntary sector Children’s Commissioner’s Takeover Day can be linked to the GCSE Citizenship Controlled Assessment

  • Burton Mail  |  November 24 2012, 7:27PM

    My niece Sophie Hanson took the role of Miss Foster and she said she really enjoyed it and she also said she feels like she is one step towards being a teacher!

  • Burton Mail  |  November 24 2012, 9:17AM

    Why don't the staff stick to teaching the kids instead of organising these play days? I know it's hard being a teacher, they only had a holiday a few weeks ago and they've got to wait at least another three weeks for their next break. I'm thinking of becoming a teacher myself to get on the 30k a year gravy train!