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By Burton Mail  |  Posted: March 12, 2013

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TWO men have been jailed for attacking a child porn offender and driving him from his home on a South Derbyshire caravan site.

Their victim, who cannot been named for legal reasons, ended up with a fractured skull when the vigilantes went to his caravan and he refused to hand over his camera, Derby Crown Court heard.

Ten-month prison terms were imposed on David Evans, 50, of Marston Lane, Rolleston-on-Dove, and Walter Benn, 27, now of Central Avenue, Ibstock.

They admitted inflicting grievous bodily harm on July 27 at the caravan site in Swadlincote.

Judge Jonathan Gosling said: “Because of the retribution for the offence he committed, it makes your offending more serious. You forced him to leave the site, causing humiliation on top of his injuries.”

Jim Metcalf, prosecuting, said a woman had intercepted a solicitor’s letter addressed to the caravan dweller, relating to a charge of making indecent images of children.

The men heard about it and called on him at his caravan.

“They asked to have a word, said they had heard that he had indecent images of children on his camera. They demanded he hand over the camera, he refused and that is when the assault took place,” said Mr Metcalf.

The man was repeatedly kicked and was told he had to leave the caravan site. He went to hospital where a fractured skull was discovered as well as bruises to the face.

Chris Lacey, defending Evans, said there were about 20 caravans on the site and the woman suspected the victim ‘had an unhealthy interest regarding children’.

She intercepted the man’s post and had a ‘eureka moment’ when she opened the letter to discover he was pleading guilty to the child porn offence. The attack was not planned and Mr Lacey added: “His main concern was for young children going to the site but he acted in a way he accepts was inappropriate.”

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  • burtontrash  |  March 22 2013, 12:14AM

    I'm sure that Karen Matthews and the Philpotts would heartily approve.

  • MouthAlmighty  |  March 19 2013, 3:34PM

    Very interesting, I wonder how many of the people supporting his action believe he is now an appropriate person to be Judge/Jury/Executioner? I suppose this is all to be expected from the 'trial by facebook' generation, act first - think later (if at all).

  • burtontrash  |  March 18 2013, 10:35PM


  • MouthAlmighty  |  March 15 2013, 10:45AM

    The great irony with some of the below comments is that they would be the first people to be complaining if they were not allowed their day in court. You've seen what happens when this goes unchecked, you get judged/punished by people who struggle to tie their own shoelaces. Watch out paediatricians - the illiterate mob are coming for you next!

  • SusanB  |  March 12 2013, 4:21PM

    Trouble is burtontrash.... the law does not get these people in time and no one wants to risk their child being molested while the law enforcement agencies and the courts get their act together. The message is loud and clear.... paedophiles .... you are not welcome in society.

  • burtontrash  |  March 12 2013, 4:01PM

    Reminds me of Kielce.. a hysterical over-reaction by simple, stupid people to a perceived 'threat'. The law had this man in its grasp and will deal with him accordingly. Every right-minded person is appalled by people who abuse children, and I hope that he is severely punished; but let's not take moral guidance from vermin.

  • yampydoo4321  |  March 12 2013, 12:50PM

    choccy the law does not protect you....its an @ss the police and courts are only for money gain crime is not down people just never bother to report it

  • choccy  |  March 12 2013, 11:48AM

    You vigilanties/sympathisers/wannabes are no better than the criminals you profess are 'protecting' us from! You are hypocrites and should go and live in one of the many lawless countries elsewhere in the world if that's what you aspire to.

  • yampydoo4321  |  March 12 2013, 11:15AM

    people should know when one of these **** balls are living around you well done them lads do not rely on the courts to protect your children or the police judges should be voted in not breed in

  • Politiks  |  March 12 2013, 11:12AM

    *the men