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Senior hosptial staff kept sweet as disabled made to pay

By Burton Mail  |  Posted: April 05, 2013

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PARKING rates are being kept to a minimum for senior members of staff at Burton’s Queen’s Hospital while disabled visitors are being made to pay, it has been revealed.

The hospital’s director of finance, Tony Waite, said the hospital was reluctant to impose hikes on its staff for parking and other benefits for fear of them being driven away.

It comes after parking charges for senior members of staff were leaked to the Mail by disgruntled motorist Dave Burrows, who decided to submit a Freedom of Information request to discover the rate bosses at Queen’s pay in the wake of the hospital’s controversial decision to introduce charges for the disabled.

Although Mr Waite insisted rates compared with hospitals elsewhere, he said it had to remain ‘competitive’ with the benefits it provided in order to ‘attract and retain the best staff’. But this comes only weeks after the hospital revealed it was to introduce charges for the disabled to recoup finances for patient care.

Queen’s revealed that senior members of staff were charged around £4 per week for parking, but with the hospital publicising the need to raise more money through parking, Mr Burrows believes those at the top should be charged more, therefore alleviating some of the burden from members of the public using the hospital.

In comparison, a long stay parking ticket for hospital visitors could see them paying as much as £6 in a day, with a weekly pass costing £8.

Mr Waite said: “The trust routinely reviews its pricing structure for car parking in line with similar-sized hospitals in the region to ensure the rates compare favourably.

“The amount that staff pay for car parking is in proportion to their salary and ranges from £120 a year to £226 for full-time senior managers.

“In order to attract and retain the best staff at our hospital we do have to be competitive with other NHS employers on staff benefits which include parking charges.”

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  • phillch  |  April 05 2013, 2:10PM

    staff should get reduced rates and i for one am glad that th disabled visitors also have to pay. I know aliot of people with disabled badges who work and earn a full time wage plus getting disability benefits etc.... so with the extra money most can afford the parking(not all but most). Also the NHS should charge for parking, what people forget is they are a business and need to make money to improve care or to pay out all those people that are out to screw every penny they can out of such companies/organisations (compensation eetc.) so they can sit on there lazy backsides allday!

  • StevenOmega  |  April 05 2013, 10:20AM

    £8 per week is really quite reasonable. That's less than £1.15 per day... I can't think of anywhere else where you can expect to pay as little as that. Why don't we take down that ridiculous, massive spade that was erected some time back and sell it off for scrap metal to alleviate Burton's financial burdens before we chastise a very good hospital for trying to remain afloat.

  • Burhan  |  April 05 2013, 9:25AM

    Pathetic management and pathetic reasons - this is why public don't trust people in such positions - it's same as council - all corrupt