09:15 Saturday 21 December 2013

Burton Albion skipper Lee Bell's weekly column

Written byDOM MILLS

WINNER . . . Burton Albion players celebrate Billy Kee's strike against Fleetwood Town in the FA Cup WINNER . . . Burton Albion players celebrate Billy Kee's strike against Fleetwood Town in the FA Cup

WE SEEM to have Fleetwood’s number a little bit in terms of how they play – and I thought tactically we were spot on in Tuesday’s FA Cup replay.

I thought the 1-0 win was one of the best home performances I’ve been a part of in the last couple of years.

We were fantastic – with a lot of creativity – and it’s really pleasing to be through to the next round of the FA Cup.

There’s no expectations on us at all against Bournemouth.

All the pressure is on them, but we’ll go down there full prepared.

Anything from now on in the FA Cup is a bonus.

It’s still a big game for us. We’ll go their with a good attitude.

We’ve also got some good young players in our squad who should be aiming to get to the Championship at the very least.

It will be good for them to see what standard they are actually at.

Billy Kee was again on the scoresheet.

He’s in great form and is enjoying life off the pitch as well.

It’s been pretty well documented that he’s getting married in a few days.

He’s playing with a smile on his face and not putting himself under too much pressure.

He’s probably a bit more relaxed and that’s great for Burton Albion.

We’ve got Hartlepool today which starts a run of something like six games in three weeks.

For me it’s an enjoyable one at Christmas, with family around and all going to a football match together.

I think everyone in football prefers playing rather than training.

It’s important not to start losing games and for us to keep in and around where we want to be in League Two.

The bottom teams can get cut adrift during this period while some of the teams at the top can start to pull away.

It’s certainly a time of the year we are looking forward to.

There’s often been talk of the need for a Christmas break.

I think we would all like one – especially for the national team who would certainly benefit from it.

But it will never happen.

I think we are the only country in the world that has four proper professional divisions.

Would clubs like Burton be able to pay their players if, for instance, they didn’t have a home game for a month?

I don’t think it will ever happen because of the financial aspect involved.

Maybe in a World Cup year – for top flight teams – but I just can’t see it happening.

The smaller teams would not be able to cope with the financial pressure it would bring.

Having football on Boxing Day is also a bit of a tradition – and can you imagine Sky Sports wanting to give up airing a high profile game?

The benefits are there to see, but I just don’t see it ever happening.

But that aside, merry Christmas to all Albion fans, and hopefully we’ll all be celebrating three points this afternoon at Hartlepool.

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