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Do me a favour!

The tradition of giving wedding favours is nothing new. European aristocrats were probably responsible for introducing the custom originally presenting precious little boxes, known as bonbonnieres, to the guests at their weddings.

The contents were generally sugar cubes — an expensive treat once upon a time — or five Jordan almonds to represent fertility, longevity, wealth, health and happiness.

These days, couples often decide to personalise and update this old custom. It’s just a bit of fun after all, so why not enjoy yourselves making the tradition special to you and memorable for your guests. Up until this point the gift-giving has been a bit of a one-way process so it’s nice to be able to give something back.

Traditional favours, sugar coated almonds
Traditional favours, sugar coated almonds

Keeping in touch with tradition, if you are into baking you could make a batch of delicious, home-made cupcakes, shortbread or biscuits and ice the name of each guest on top.

Individual little bags of sweets such as love hearts, jelly babies or dolly mixtures for each place setting or piled into pretty jars or bowls for everyone to help themselves are fun, pretty and budget-friendly but the favours don’t have to be rich in calories.

It could be an attractive feather, candles, bath bombs or miniature bath oils; or a special bookmark with your names, the date and perhaps a memorable quote might be right for the two of you.

And some couples like to present little trinkets that tie in with the theme of the wedding: for example, if you are getting married abroad place a beautiful shell collected from the beach by each name card.

If you want to keep the surprise element then hiding your wedding favour within a small box or a bag is still a nice touch. And you don’t have to be a European aristocrat!

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