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Heavenly hair tips for brides

Fall in love with these chic wedding hair and honeymoon hair style ideas from Francesco Group, Weeping Cross — perfect for brides, bridesmaids or wedding guests for your upcoming celebrations.

Wedding hair is all important; it is your crowning glory, the finish to your whole outfit and should complement your chosen style, dress and make up.

Having your hair professionally done will ensure that your hair looks stunning from all angles and that styles are firmly secure so you are not trailing pins, grips and accessories!

Here are a few top hair styles from the Francesco Group, Weeping Cross salon.

Braids – who can have missed the popularity of the braid recently? And, it’s not just on the high street it’s everywhere. For weddings, we love the simplicity of French braids wound gently around the head in an effortless and timeless manner. Or how-about boho braids which are relaxed, yet beautiful and will stand up to heat and humidity? If you prefer long, soft and flowing locks, then why not add just a few petite braids, in small sections, to add texture and interest to your style?

The Chignon – is a stunner for the next few seasons and oozes glamour and sophistication. The hair should be gently swept back, pinned and kept a little tousled for extra elegance.

The sleek pony – is ideal for chic city weddings. Visit your hairdressers for treatments before the big day to punch out gloss and shine. Then simply side part the hair, sling your pony up to the crown or down low to the nape and add product for high shine and maximum hold. Products such as shine spray and strong hold hairspray are a must for this style.

Relaxed updo’s – can add a casual style to your look. Add volume, tousle hair and pin gently at the nape, or to the side, allowing loose strands and sections to fall gently into place.

Those with short hair – are not to be missed this season either, a great elfin crop or longer bob will look great on the big day. Think great cut, high shine and stunning polish.

Accessories can add oomph or a touch of real glamour.

Our favourite of the moment is the Alice band, which is just so current and suits any hairstyle. It can be decorated with matching real flowers, leaves or some beautiful jewels which fully co-ordinate or gently contrast.

Remember: If you’re looking for length for your big day, begin your growing spree about 12 months before your wedding to allow for noticeable extra length without losing condition.

Or perhaps consider temporary hair extensions, which are just amazing for adding those extra inches and volume too. Make sure they are of good quality and that they colour match your hair though!

Don’t overlook your colour either. You may not want to experiment with something completely new, but make sure any colour is in tip-top condition and that natural shades have extra depth and gloss added for stunning, beautiful hair.

And, as a final hairdressery tip, make sure you trial your hairstyle early, this will ensure that whatever your choices you not only look amazing on the day, but feel comfortable with your locks allowing you to relax and enjoy your perfect day.

Information and recommendations by Francesco Group, Weeping Cross, 45 Bodmin Avenue, Weeping Cross, Stafford. Tel: 01785 665341 www.francescogroup.co.uk/weepingcross

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