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In search of the perfect wedding dress

When it comes to planning a wedding, there’s one thing guaranteed to drive the sanest of brides to distraction — the search for the perfect wedding dress.

Whether the bride to be knows exactly what she wants or is willing to browse around until she is struck by inspiration, there is such a huge variety of dresses available to choose from that it can be quickly overwhelming.

Obviously different styles will suit different figures and personalities, but many brides have surprised, friends, family, their fiancee and even themselves with their choice of perfect dress for their big day, so it’s worth keeping an open mind and giving yourself plenty of time to take in what’s available.

It’s also worth keeping in mind the style of wedding you have opted for and of course your figure. Every bride wants to look their best on their wedding day, so take advice from the experts on what really flatters you the most.

Currently choices range from short and sweet, cocktail style dresses, many with a distinctly retro feel, while the timeless, classic style of floor length gown is given a modern twist through interesting cuts and pleats.

When it comes to fabric, sheer chiffon and ivory lace are popular at the moment and with lace or stitch embellishment over chiffon, wedding gowns are beautifully feminine and romantic without seeming dated.

Another key tend for the season is appliqué, whether it is subtle detailing on the bodice or skirt, or larger statement pieces to really draw the eye.

Layering and wrapping will add depth rather than bulk to your dress.

Embellishment is perfect to enhance an hourglass figure or to flatter a petite frame, whilst ruching, pleats and appliqué detail on the bustier can help balance out a pear shape.

Kate Middleton is still inspiring full length sleeved gowns, but if that doesn’t appeal you could opt for an asymmetric hem. This works best with a soft cut or draping of chiffon and if you are petite, a one shouldered dress will add length.

A high and sheer decoltage is a beautiful and traditional style while many designers are opting to include back button detail to add an element of length and opulence. A full and straight collar cut to meet your collar bonecan add drama while being elegant and timeless, however a sweetheart bustier is still a classic and suits most figures.

Although white and ivory are traditional bridal colours and particularly keeps lace looking chic and bright, however many gowns this season have a metallic hue to them and while gold lace is always a lovely option for autumn, silver can also add extra drama to a winter wedding.

Once the dress has been selected, shoes are next on the list, with the right choice adding to the overall look and feel.

Court shoes can help balance out a frivolous dress, but if you were hoping for a more demure look, then you could opt to keep the embellishment just to your heels with Swarovski crystals and floral, rambling detail giving a modern twist to a classic dress.

A subtle platform may just be what you need if you want to stay on trend and elegant and is a comfier way to give you more height which may be a consideration with a much taller groom!

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