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Co-ordinating your wedding from a distance

Jo and Steven Roberts decided to get married in Cornwall. Here, Jo describes how she co-ordinated her big day via email.

My husband and I (it still feels very strange saying that) have always had a love of Cornwall. We both have family that live there, my brother Robert and his partner Ally and my husband, Steven has his aunt and uncle, Lynne and Mike are there. So it’s a place we visit as least four times a year. Even when Steven proposed to me at the top of Clent Hills in the distance we could see the route we take to Cornwall!

The flowers, cupcakes, chair covers and fireworks were all from local businesses. Apart from one meeting with my florist everything else was coordinated via email. Tregenna Castle was the venue for our wedding and they provided us with a list of recommendations to cover all areas of the day. We found this a great help as these businesses already had a rapport with Tregenna.

I did have a ‘wedding book’; and my family would groan a little every time it came out! It was my wedding bible. We wanted to make the wedding as personal as possible so before making any decision we tried to create a mood board with the wedding book. Adding pictures, ideas, fabrics and colours we liked. This then built a picture for us to work from.

Lynne and Mike live two minutes away from Tregenna castle, St Ives, so on every visit we were able to go up to the venue. We took photographs of the function room we would be using for the day so we could view these when we got home if we needed to. Tregenna kept in regular contact with us sending us an up-to-date breakdown of the day every time a new decision was made.

My brother Robert is a photographer, so he took the pictures for us. Ally, his partner was one of my bridesmaids along with my sister Vanessa and my lovely niece Molly. Ally is a designer, so having her on hand was a godsend, she made all of the invitations and menus.

We had decided on a vintage theme, using teapots to house flowers as the centre piece on the tables and vintage teacups to hold the favours, which consisted of a beautifully wrapped teabag, this being ‘Tregothnan afternoon tea’ that is grown locally in Cornwall, and a luxury parcel of biscuits. The tea cups were finished off with a handmade luggage label with the guest’s names on. All were tied on by a very patient Ally!

Our wedding was very intimate with 33 family and friends attending. The majority of guests stayed for the week and made a holiday of it. We spent the whole week with all that were there, it really was like a weeklong celebration!

Organising the registrar was easier than we had anticipated, we had to give notice of marriage at our local registry office and they forwarded on the request to Cornwall registry office. They then sent us a selection of the services they perform for us to choose one that suited us. Our service was a civil one and as the sun shone so beautifully for us we were able to get married outside. Perfect. The one thing I couldn’t plan was the weather!

A good tip I was given was to type up an itinerary of the day. Give this to your ushers so they know exactly what’s supposed to happen and when. We listed names and contact numbers of the people we were expecting to deliver items. So if they failed to arrive they could deal with it. This gives the bride and groom the freedom to enjoy their day. This tip was actually given to us by our usher Pete, who had married the year previously.

For me the day was peppered with wonderful memories, from the moment I opened my eyes to the last dance of the night, and as that song played I held Steven close and made him look around the room.

That picture in our minds of all our family and friends dancing and smiling was a perfect end to a truly perfect day.

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