09:51 Friday 20 September 2013

I feel complete

Written byGemma Turner

Gemma Turner and Chris Skelton's Big Day took place at Standon Church followed by a reception at Moddershall Oaks.

“Amazing, that is how I describe our wedding day, the best day of our lives.

“Savour your day because it goes so fast. We couldn’t want for a better day. It was the most memorable and best day ever.

“Chris and I met in town and started dating from there really. I already knew Chris, he worked in a local shop while at university and I liked him straight away — but he wasn’t interested — so I made sure I was in places he was.

“I always knew from the moment I met Chris I would end up with him. We were together for six years before we got married and already lived together. I was going on about wanting to get married and all our families and friends kept asking him when he was going to propose but he kept really cool so we never knew.

“He did take me to try rings on but never said anything afterwards, it seemed like he just forgot about it and then six months later he took me out to the place we had one of our first dates and asked me.

“We were engaged for 12 months before we got married on October 15, 2011 at Standon Church. We chose Standon because all Chris’ family have married there. We had the reception in Moddershall Oaks. The reception was amazing what a wonderful, beautiful place.

“We changed everything about our wedding, literally everything. When we went to see Moddershall Oaks we were blown away, it was the best venue we could ask for. It really is stunning.

“We originally only wanted a small wedding but when we started to add things up we realised just how fortunate we are, we have so many family and friends. We ended up with 65 guests at the church and just over 100 at the reception.

“When our day came I stayed at my mum’s and he stayed at his parents. I was so excited I didn’t sleep a wink and then when I woke up I bounced up. It was horrible being away from Chris because we are always together. We said we would try not to speak until the church but he caved first and texted me.

“My first tears of the day came when I saw my dad who came from Cyprus, the second when I put my tiara on and the third set of tears came when I put the dress on that I bought from Mix and Match. My mum and my dad gave me away— it was lovely.

“All morning I felt so overwhelmed with excitement. I stopped half way down the aisle. I would have loved to see everyone’s face. I started welling up and needed to stop and compose myself.

“I had four bridesmaids — my sister, my sister in-law and two of my best friends. My maid of honour was Nicola Wilson, my best friend. Chris’s best man was his best friend from childhood and Nicola’s partner Gareth.

“Gareth did a brilliant speech, my dad made a speech and Chris did a lovely, soppy speech.

“What was great was that my dad travelled so far to come and my best friend who lives in Abu Dhabi made the time to come back for our wedding too.

“We had black, white and a dash of red for our colour scheme and our flowers were from Lin Fine flowers, we had beautiful white roses.

“We had a lovely cake which was part chocolate and part fruit. We got it from Mandy’s special occasions who was amazing.

“Ray Walker was our photographer and he was brilliant also. He made us feel so comfortable and blended in so well. We barely even knew he was there he was like a guest and fitted in with everyone.

“Because we only really had family during the day and family and friends at the night he put the photographs on a disk and had a slide show of the day going for people to see who weren’t there, that was just wonderful, me and Chris just kept watching it and going oh remember that, as if it hadn’t been just earlier.

“The wedding itself was a real blur. It went so fast. One of my favourite parts was the journey to the reception. It was about 20 minutes and it was just us two in the car with a bottle of champagne and I loved it.

“We went with Heritage Wedding Cars, who were absolutely fantastic. We found most companies we used at Sandon Hall wedding fair. We chose the people we liked personally and have no complaints about any of them; they were so patient with us always changing our minds.

“We had a beautiful three-course meal, starter was a prawn cocktail, chicken and tarragon was the main and we finished with white chocolate cheesecake. They were so accommodating at Moddershall and catered for the vegetarians there too. We also had a lovely champagne sorbet.

“Our first dance was to Elton John’s Your Song. I walked down the isle to the Wedding March and we left to Signed, Sealed, Delivered by Stevie Wonder. We both love Kings of Leon so we put a lot of effort into sorting out having it played on the piano so it wasn’t too harsh while we signed the register.

“We also made our own sweet stand. We bought loads of sweets and I bought the vases from charity shops and we had scoops and pic ‘n’ mix bags. Chris’s mum was a big help as she did so much and made the beautiful invitations.

“Our honeymoon was originally supposed to be in the Maldives but we wanted to be different. We always have hot holidays so instead we decided to go to New York which actually tured out to be the best holiday ever as we did everything — it was great.

“When we were getting married neither of us was nervous. Everyone always says you get nervous but we weren’t because we knew it was so right.

“Being married now is fantastic it doesn’t feel too different — it just feels complete. I love being his wife.”

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