10:03 Friday 15 November 2013

Thank you for loving me

Written byKirsty-Ann Hewson

A romance rekindled resulted in the marriage of Deborah and Dean Gobey at Dovecliff Hall.

“We decided to have our wedding day on October 22 and it was a fantastic and amazing day. We had it then rather than a summer wedding because you just cannot predict the summer weather. It turned out that the weather was phenomenal. Everything went exactly to plan and it was perfect.

“Dean and I have quite a little love story behind us. We used to date when we were about 17 or 18 from school. He went off to France to work though, so we went our separate ways. We met up some years later and rekindled the romance.

“When we were younger we used to go to Eureka Park and sit on this one bench and he took me back there. I thought he was going to break it off with me but he surprised me and proposed. He proposed on July 4 2010, and then said he'd always remember it as the day he lost his independence — he is a joker!

“We got married and had the reception at Dovecliff Hall in Stretton, near Burton on Trent. About 30 people came to the ceremony as we we kept it quite informal and about 100 people came to the reception later on.

“It was really nice to have it in the same place because it was convenient for people especially those with children. It was also nice to get married there because we had been to a lot of weddings at another venue nearby and we wanted to be different.

“When we went to see Dovecliff it was just perfect and we just had to get married there. It was just a little bit more informal and a secure place for all the young children in the family.

“We wanted it to be quite different because it was a combination of both of our personalities. There was a harpist — that was my element. Then at the night time we had a table football and a photo box.

“It was so quirky and played to everyone's inner child. I have been to weddings before and it has been slightly boring and overdone so we changed it up, I didn't want anyone to be bored.

“So we had the 1980s style arcade games — such as Pacman— to cater to the men that would be there and a photo booth for the girls. It was such a fun day.

“The speeches were the best part. We told them we didn't want long drawn out speeches that might drag and so told people to make them about five minutes long. The things people actually got across in just five minutes made me cry, which I don't do very often. It was incredible.

“Dean had his cousin as the best man and his two children from a previous relationship were a big part of it. I had his daughter with me and his son was the ring barer. We also had my two nieces as the bridesmaids and my nephew as a page boy. They were so sweet.

“I had a stunning Maggie Sottero dress. It was a chiffon style one, I didn't want anything too big because I am only little myself.

“I wanted one with straps, which are really hard to come by. I had seen this one particular dress in a magazine and I searched and searched for it. I knew it was the one I had to have. I did eventually find it and I was so pleased.

“The straps were all Swarovski crystals that met behind my neck with a strip of crystals down my back that then began to spread around the skirt. We hired the suit from John Paul suit hire

“The colour theme was chocolate browns and ivory. I am a big fan of browns and the neutral look. We did brighten it up with mink accessories for the bridesmaids, Dean and the two dads. Dean's dad also got married in brown.

“My flowers were orchids from The Cottage Garden in Willington. I was so pleased I could have them, and, because it was the right time of year, they were beautiful. They were so delicate and lovely.

“Our cake was from Lavender Cakes, who were great. We sent samples of our flowers so they could make them to match. We wanted the theme to flow through and each tier had diamantes going around. We had three tiers of different flavours. The first was fruit because that is my dad's favourite, the second was chocolate because everyone else would enjoy that and the third was lemon because that is my favourite.

“In the end we used Steven Bradshaw whom I work with as the photographer. It just seemed to make sense. I hate having my photograph taken as it is and he said he prefers taking the more natural ones, not the set up ones, which is what I wanted. I saw his portfolio and knew I'd feel comfortable with him. We did have someone else originally but I knew it didn't feel right.

“For the meal we had three courses and in the evening we had bacon and sausage cobs with chips and wedges to keep it different and we had a four tier, literal cheese cake.

“We love cheese so we got it from The Cheese Shed in Devon/Cornwall. The first tier was Yarg cheese wrapped in nettles, then goats cheese, then blue cheese and finished with Godminster cheddar in the shape of a heart.

“The harpist was fantastic to walk down the isle. They played Cannon D, then a song from The Lion King, then a song from Charlie and the Chocolate factory.

“It was fantastic because when I was getting ready I had the window open and the harpist arrived and began to practise which was so serene and felt like a sign.

“Our first Dance was to Bon Jovi — Thank You for Loving Me — we both wanted the Foo Fighters but agreed it wasn't appropriate!

“A really special part of the day was having photographs of our grandparents around because we wanted them to be a part of the day as sadly they are no longer with us. The next day we took some of the flowers and put them on Dean's gran’s grave.

“We were cheeky and wanted two honeymoons. We wanted to go to Iceland and because it is so expensive, in the invitations we requested small donations from the guests. We went to Tenerife straight after though, because I think you have to have a honeymoon straight after your wedding.

“It feels wonderful to be Dean’s wife. It was meant to be and we should have done it a long time ago."

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