09:00 Friday 11 October 2013

Picking the photographer

Written byKimberley Matthews

It's been a few months since my last post - everything seems to happen at once! I have a new job as a residential care support worker helping young people with Autism, Asperger's and PDA at High Grange School. It’s challenging but that’s what I love about the job.

Myself and James have also just been approved as foster carers. We are over the moon about this and we're looking forward to the difference we can make to a child's life.

In the mix of all of this we have picked our photographer which has been a major task in itself as there is so many very good photographers out there.

We wanted someone who knew our venue well and also that we felt comfortable with. James beingkeen on photography meant that it was going to be hard to find someone who he felt was right for the job.

We looked at several people, I had seen on the internet a bloke called David Wadley and had said to James that I liked his style and I thought he would be an excellent choice to do our wedding. James agreed and we booked a meeting with him.

David is a very warm and welcoming fella who made us feel very at home around him, I enjoy having my photo taken but James on the other hand hates it, he would much rather be behind the camera. However, David made James feel like he could actually for one day be in front of the camera comfortably.

We liked his style a lot and he knows our venue, Packington Moor very well, plus he has over 19 years of experience. His prices reflected his work well too.

We went away feeling very happy, A couple of days later I emailed David to say that we would love him to do our wedding. So that’s another part of the planning that we can tick off.

Its all beginning to slot together. There is now only 19 months left and I have a feeling this will go very quickly.

I would advise any bride and groom to book their photographer well in advance if you have someone in mind as they do get booked up quickly.

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