16:37 Friday 01 March 2013

This cake is dressed to impress

Written byLeah Cassady

If you have a sweet tooth, you'll fall hard for this six foot cake.

This life size and very detailed wedding gown is actually an edible cake!

Donna Millington-Day, who owns Staffordshire based Fairytale Cake Company, took just one week to create this very unique wedding cake.

The idea came from her six year old daughter, Hannah, who was designing wedding cakes when she came up with the thought of a life size wedding dress.

Dawn decided not to shy away from the challenge and instead spent the next week creating the wedding cake which would feed 2,000 wedding guests.

The 25 kilo cake is made up of 17 tiers of sponge cake, 22 kilos of sugar paste icing, 2lb of royal icing and hundreds of sugar pearls!

This amazing cake is being unveiled this weekend at a National Wedding Show in Birmingham.

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