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Unique table name ideas

Written byJulie Dawson

I thought it might be fun to look at ways of displaying your table names. I also aim to help you choose table names that are that bit different. I am a great believer that anything you do for your wedding should reflect you both!

I have had so many lovely weddings that to help you I thought I would share some real life ideas from my couples.

First of all let’s look at some ways to display your table numbers. This can be done by following the theme of your wedding. I have a client at the moment that hates fussy tables and her wedding table numbers are going to be cleverly designed within the wedding centerpieces. Check out these ideas below for inspiration.

I love the couple’s images showing their favourite places. It is so easy to do too yet so simple and effective! These pictures are taken with a Polaroid instant camera. You can of course just use a normal camera and print the image out, then mount it onto lovely card if you wish. All the guests know the favourite places the couple has visited or that means something to them. I think it is good to sometimes explain the table name in a little more depth. Perhaps on the back of the table name a small paragraph explaining why the place is so important. It is a great talking point for your guests too.

Photograph taken by Jeese Leake Photography
Photograph taken by Jeese Leake Photography

Bunny Delicious is a really lovely stationery company who always try to help the couple to reflect their personality. Again these are places that mean something to the bride and groom.

Created by Elizabeth Anne Design
Created by Elizabeth Anne Design

This idea is simple yet elegant from Elizabeth Anne Design. The background is beautiful and so striking. Numbers can be purchased from the Internet and you can source frames too. It's a great way to have a table number that are unique but also a little chic DIY is involved.

These are a great idea from Wedding of My Dreams. You buy the blackboard buckets which you write on table names or numbers. They can be used after too for dinner parties. You could also fill them with different items, how about sweets?

Available from Wedding of My Dreams
Available from Wedding of My Dreams

I found this idea on Paper Blog when researching for a client who wants an unusual musical table plan. This bride bought a job lot of singles from Ebay for 99p! Then she got brown paper and cut it to size. They then printed the paper with their favourite songs. To display them the idea is to use some wire to fix them to the table centre decoration. (records images put two together) On the back of the single they printed lovely words to reflect the love of the day.

I just love this display in beautiful frames from a favourite stationer of mine, Dotty Creations. Dotty is brilliant at designing the most heavenly stationery based around your ideas. You can of course use whatever frame suits your theme or style.

This is quite cool. Pictures of the couple through the years which we found on A Bride To Be Blog. Your parents would love to do this for you, spending time going through old photographs and memories.

Another idea for lovers of wine, which is also from the A Bride To Be Blog. You could get labels printed with your names and the table number, don't forget this can count as your something old!

One of our real weddings that we have yet to get the pictures for, did something so lovely for the table names I just have to share it. The groom is very handy and he carved all the table names out of wood and then painted them white. They were, as you can see, beautiful and the names reflected their feelings and vows for each other. Apologies for the image, it’s from my iPhone and I am not the best photographer. Wedding Planning is definitely my skill!


Now we have checked out a few different ways to display your table names how do you decide on what to choose as a name in the first place?

Numbers are fine but I must admit I do like to personalise the wedding where ever I can.

Until next time, happy planning.

Julie Dawson - The Wedding Genie

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