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Burton's little shop of horrors

By Burton Mail  |  Posted: July 22, 2014

Pakeza Supermarket

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A BURTON supermarket has been slammed after a ‘substantial number of flies’ were found on raw meat inside a chiller.

Another one was being used for searing chicken and to store old dirty shopping trolleys, according to a shock report.

East Staffordshire Borough Council’s environmental health team also found both the hand wash basin behind the meat counter and in the toilet at Pakeza Supermarket, in Uxbridge Street, had no hot water available, meaning there was a high risk of raw meat and other food being contaminated.

The biggest concern raised in the report was the number of flies found on raw meat, which was to be sold to customers.

The inspection report said: “These were seen on the meat in the chiller and on scraps of meat around the bandsaw and mincer.”

Particular concern was also raised with regards to a walk-in chiller situated in the yard at the rear of the property, which inspectors noted was now being used for searing chicken.

They stated that the structure was not suitable for either the preparation or storage of open food after again finding that no hot water was available.

The floors and doors of the indoor walk-in chiller were also found to be 'dirty'.

Plates and cups, which had been used by staff, were also left to one side and were not being cleaned after use. It was also noted that any pests in a neighbouring flat could easily get into the premises.

In their report, the environmental team stated: "There had been a leak from the flat above into your toilet. This meant that the walls were dirty and there was a hole in the ceiling which was large enough to get into your premises."

Further observations were also made on the condition of the disused chiller in the back yard, stating that it was not suitable for cleaning.

The inspectors concluded: "The floor was made of bare concrete that could not be easily cleaned. There was also old, dirty equipment in the room."

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  • Ian789  |  July 23 2014, 6:08PM

    Everyone who wants to open any type of food shop should be made to go on an intensive hygiene course before they can open there shop for business, that way there is no excuse for not knowing OR understanding the H&S rules.

    |   3
  • grubmuncher  |  July 22 2014, 10:59PM

    SillyOldMe - the nick says it all :) not going to get in to discussions my time is too precious.

    |   1
  • SillyOldMe  |  July 22 2014, 10:31PM

    Grubmuncher, you've just made a comment without thinking and then, in true childish fashion, excused it by stating "cheer up man", which is akin to offending someone then saying, well, it was just a joke. Am i seriously questioning whether the meat was halaal? Absolutely, on the basis that if the shop owners were negligent about cleanliness and hygiene, then why would they care about what they served up to their customers? We need to see more health inspector visits and heftier fines...hit them where it hurts.

    |   -1
  • grubmuncher  |  July 22 2014, 9:09PM

    SillyOldMe ??????? First: cheer up man. Second: "whose to say whether the meat being sold is is halaal anyway??" are you seriously asking that question? Third: I think it's spelled halal or hallal both acceptable :)

    |   1
  • SillyOldMe  |  July 22 2014, 8:49PM

    "Halal anyone?" Give it a rest grubmuncher and grow up...any excuse to slander the Islamic faith. Cleanliness is central to the Islamic faith, it's a shame that it's own adherents are letting it down. This is not about religion...this is about a shocking, disturbing utter disregard for the rules and basic concepts of hygiene governing the preparation and selling of meat to the public. If such reckless disregard is shown towards basic hygiene standards, whose to say whether the meat being sold is is halaal anyway?? Absolutely disgraceful...

  • grubmuncher  |  July 22 2014, 6:58AM

    halal anyone?

    |   2