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Suspected drug dealers shocked by morning raids

By Burton Mail  |  Posted: February 14, 2013

13/02/13 Operation Nemesis - Burton Police Station, Horninglow Rd, Burton, Burton Second stage of Operation Nemesis with over 150 officers and 40 police cars in convoy from Stafford Police HQ to issue arrests and search warrants on properties in Burton.

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SCREAMS punctuated the air as police officers donning helmets and riot gear smashed their way into a property in Anglesey Road.

The dawn raid was part of a co-ordinated operation across Burton yesterday under Staffordshire Police’s ongoing crackdown on drug dealing in the town – codenamed Operation Nemesis.

In the moments leading up to it, a convoy of police vehicles spilled off the A38 and cascaded across the town in different directions.

Mail newsmen were on board a vehicle, following closely behind two police vans and two police cars, as it accelerated along Derby Street before navigating its way trough Wellington Street and Shobnall Road before screeching into Anglesey Road and grinding to a halt.

Two officers jumped out of the van clutching an extended battering ram and headed straight for the door of a property in the street.

Flanked by several other officers, the ‘go’ order was given and with one fell swoop the majority of the door disintegrated.

Another forceful blow removed it completely from the frame and the screams of a woman filled the morning air as officers rushed in to apprehended their targets.

Neighbours peered from the behind their curtains, desperate to see what was going on, with passers-by craning their necks to get a good look and cars sloweing to a near stop to try to catch a glimpse of the force at work.

Offices donned blue gloves to begin a painstaking search of the property while two female officers arrived to search three women who lived in the house.

Soon after, Ozzy the sniffer dog arrived and the Springer spaniel wasted no time in searching around the property for clues before moving on to a grey BMW parked on the drive.

It soon emerged that there was a small house at the back of the property, in the garden, where one of the men eventually apprehended was arrested.

The first of the suspects was taken out wearing a black jumper and grey jogging bottoms and placed in a police car, destined for Burton Police Station.

Soon after a pair of plain clothes officers, who work as financial investigators, arrived on the scene to help with the property search.

A second man was next to leave the house handcuffs. The suspect, donning a grey top and grey pair of tracksuit bottoms, aimed abuse at the nearby press pack as he began his journey to the cells.

As one family member issued a mouthy retort to the police and press, the answer to complaints of ‘why are you doing this’ was clear – to keep the people of Burton safe.

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  • Burhan  |  February 15 2013, 9:26AM

    Why focus on minor formating errors - Pay attention on whats been said - And I like whats been communicated here - Great job Burton mail

  • Splodge  |  February 14 2013, 8:38AM

    Does anybody check these articles before they go to press? Full of typos and grammar mistakes and reads like a C grade piece of GCSE coursework!