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Union: ‘MP helps rich but hits poor’

By Burton Mail  |  Posted: January 12, 2013

Tory Party Chairman - Grant Shapps visiting the Burton Mail MP Andrew Griffiths

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A TORY MP has been accused of ‘lining the pockets of the richest while kicking the poorest’.

Burton backbencher Andrew Griffiths was attacked after backing a tax cut for the highest earners while supporting a one per cent cap on benefits for the next three years.

“Mr Griffiths voted in favour of massive tax cuts for millionaires with the 5p in the pound income tax cut for the richest earners,” said Unite regional officer Rick Coyle.

“This week he has voted to make the poorest people in Burton and Uttoxeter ever poorer. It’s disgraceful.

“He’s lining the pockets of the richest while kicking the poorest. His priorities are sickening.”

Mr Coyle said Mr Griffiths had supported the Government’s moves at a time when hundreds of workers were involved in pay disputes at B&Q and Argos.

“These people could not work harder, yet many of them are on benefits because wealthy employers offer low pay or insecure work,” he said.

Mr Coyle said it was ‘a lie’ for the Government to claim public spending cuts were necessary when it was providing ‘huge giveaways’ to the wealthy.

But Mr Griffiths hit back, saying he was ‘looking for a fair deal for hard-working people in Burton’.

He said public sector workers had endured a two-year pay freeze and would receive one per cent rises in future.

Private sector workers, meanwhile, had suffered pay cuts, with some on three-day weeks.

“How can it be justified to increase benefits faster than hard-working people are seeing their pay increase?” Mr Griffiths said.

“If Unite and Labour feel we should increase benefits faster than pay, that is their choice.”

He said the Institute of Fiscal Studies had confirmed the wealthiest would pay ‘substantially more’ due to Government tax increases.

The said is was ‘nonsense’ to suggest the contrary.

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  • Burton Mail  |  January 14 2013, 9:26AM

    He's one of the torries -what do you expect of him - its a mindset

  • Burton Mail  |  January 14 2013, 3:11AM

    Why would the tory leopards change their spots,It has always been so, and will always be so!

  • Burton Mail  |  January 12 2013, 10:34PM

    Spot on Mr Coyle, unfortunately that is what the Conservative party is all about, and Mr Griffiths always toes the party line. These MP`s will claim their free ipads, go on foreign trips and claim a thirty two percent increase in wages and expenses, while they make us pay the price. This party is Robin Hood in reverse, milk the poorest in society, and give to the rich.

  • Burton Mail  |  January 12 2013, 9:19PM

    A Tory MP working for the rich and kicking the poor...Is this news ?

  • Burton Mail  |  January 12 2013, 8:04PM

    Whilst more and more families are relying on food banks the Tory-led Government’s priority is to give an average £107,000 tax cut for people earning over £1m. Why point the finger of blame at the poorest when the richest are handed even more by Tory ministers? And it shouldn't be forgotten that many of those in Burton receiving benefits have paid tax and National Insurance and only find themselves in receipt of benefits because of the failing Tory economic strategy. If this wasn’t bad enough nationally the average number of families affected is 6,600 per constituency but in Burton it’s even worse estimated at around 8,300. I want to see a Burton where all people are prospering, fulfilling their aspiration, getting on and working in jobs that pay well and provide satisfaction. George Osborne’s failure on growth and jobs, government borrowing is set to be £212 billion higher than planned and he has missed his target to get the national debt falling by 2015. He chooses to claw back this huge sum from the poorest through cutting benefits and from us all through cutting essential services. Will it affect your average millionaire Tory front bench minister? No. This is the richest targeting the poorest. And includes both working and non-working people as 6 out of 10 families affected by these cuts are in work. The Tories’ failed economic strategy has led the Office of Budgetary Responsibility to revise social security spending up £13.6 billion by 2015-16 as a result of higher unemployment. This is not the fault of the unemployed but of a Tory-led Government. Point the finger of blame at the cause not the victim. To pay for his failure, George Osborne is taking £6.7 billion from working age benefits and tax credits over the next four years, by up-rating them by 1% over the next three years – this is a real terms cut. Tories in Westminster blaming the poor for Tory failure. Low Pay is no excuse for low benefits.

  • Burton Mail  |  January 12 2013, 5:49PM

    He is only doing his right wing job,taking from the poor and giving to the rich.