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Victim of car vandal brands justice a ‘joke’

By Burton Mail  |  Posted: March 17, 2014

  • 15/03/14 victim of car damage teen Kushal Stanly and car scratch damage....

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A 24-YEAR-OLD student has hit out after his car was scratched by a teenager on a vandalism spree, leaving him with a £1,000 repair bill.

Kushal Stanly, of Belvedere Road, branded the justice system an ‘absolute joke’ because the 17-year-old yob, who magistrates stopped the Mail naming, was ordered to pay only a £100 fine, and no compensation to his victims for damage which will cost around £25,000 to put right.

The teenager admitted at Burton Youth Court to damaging 31 cars in Belvedere Road and Outwoods Street, describing his actions as a ‘drunken mistake’, but magistrates handed him only a referral order and ordered him to pay £85 costs and a £15 victim surcharge.

Some of the victims now plan to join forces to take action against the criminal through the civil courts.

Mr Stanly said: “It is not my fault. I don’t know this man and he doesn’t know me, so why did he do this to me?

“I shouldn’t have to pay. My insurance excess is £600. My insurance would go up, I would lose my no claims bonus and we won’t even get compensation. He is going away laughing as all he has to pay is £100. Justice is an absolute joke.”

The college student, who works part-time at Pizza Hut, had owned the Renault Megane for just 20 days before the incident, and said he could not afford the bill for removing the scratch – which runs the entire length of the passenger side of his car.

He said: “It will cost £1,116 to repair it. I will have to keep the car like that – it is something I can’t afford to get repaired.

“I am able to drive it but I am not happy with the car. I wanted to show it off.”

The offender will pay just £100 in court fees and he has escaped coughing up £25,000 to repair his victims’ cars, as magistrates can only order up to £5,000 to be paid, and felt fining him would punish his parents.

Mr Stanly said: “It is unfair that we won’t get compensation. They asked us to fill in claim forms and send them off first class to provide evidence of the damage for compensation. We went through all that hassle for nothing.”

It was Mr Stanly’s mother who first saw the damage the morning after the vandal struck.

He added: “I was shocked, just devastated. I saw about 10 other cars damaged in the same way. I told my neighbour his car had been scratched. He was so angry.”

Mr Stanly claimed there were more than 31 victims in total, saying some of his neighbours had decided not to bother reporting the vandalism to the police.

“I don’t want to pay for it out my own pocket. For civil court action I’d have to pay for a solicitor out of my own pocket, and then what would he pay? I am just going to leave it. There is no point in spending extra money.

“The Mail should have been allowed to name and shame him. His solicitor said it was for his own safety, but he should have thought about that in the first place.

“If he is old enough to drink then he is old enough to face the consequences.”

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