10:42 Thursday 13 February 2014

Lone Survivor film review

Written byROB SMYTH

A MODERN trait of cinema these days is that films are often accompanied by the moniker of ‘based on true events’.

More often than not this has to be taken with a pinch of salt but in the case of Lone Survivor, it is spot on.

The film focuses on Marcus Luttrell, a Navy Seal, and his team who set out on a mission to capture or kill notorious Al Qaeda leader Ahmad Shahd, in late June 2005.

After running into mountain herders and capturing them, they were left with no choice but to follow their rules of engagement or be imprisoned.

Marcus and his team are left to fight for their lives in one of the most valiant efforts of modern warfare.

Harrowing, brutal, sad and uplifting are just some of the many words that can be used to describe this exceptional film.

Director Peter Berg bounces back from commercial flop Battleship (although I quite like it) with a bang and makes an amazing film that shows just why he is one of the best directors at this moment in time.

He is helped in his task about bringing this true story to screen by a fine cast.

Mark Wahlberg is the star and plays Marcus Luttrell, the man who wrote the book on which the film is based.

Now I do not think I am giving anything away by saying that he is only one who makes it out alive (just look at the title) but even so his performance is fantastic, showing why he is one of the go to guys for all manner of roles these days from action to comedy.

He is ably supported by Taylor Kitsch, Emile Hirsch and Ben Foster who make up the rest of his team.

What struck me about the film was how well the feeling of being a brother came across from the four actors and how important this kind of relationship is to Navy Seals.

You believe that they loved each other and would and did die to save each other.

The film is not without its floors as it sags at the start and a bit towards the end.

However, the action scenes are authentic and feels like what a gun battle would be like.

Despite knowing the outcome, you want them all to pull through and survive and it still lands a punch to the gut when you reach the end of the film.

This is 2014’s first must-see film.

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