07:49 Thursday 14 November 2013

Thor delight as hero shines in second outing

Written byROB SMYTH

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THE original Thor film should really not have worked, writes Rob Smyth.

It featured an relatively unknown in the lead role, a tale about a Norse God and was helmed by Kenneth Branagh.

But it did work. The story was interesting, action good and the film was also very funny.

This meant the arrival of a sequel and I am pleased to say that it was very good.

This time sees Thor’s homeworld and Earth threatened by an old evil led by former Doctor Who Christopher Eccleston.

Chris Hemsworth owns the screen as Thor once again.

He comes across as sensitive, passionate but has a might screen presence and has great comic timing.

He is ably helped by the likes of Tom Hiddleston who shines also as Thor’s brother Loki and Idris Elba who also excels in a key role returning from the first film.

The movie manages to keep the high success rate of Marvel films going and sets itself up for a third outing for Thor.

The film did sag slightly in the middle but it was barely noticeable and did not detract from what was a great comic book blockbuster movie.

With little nods and winks to the Marvel universes dotted throughout, this is sure to appeal to hardcore fans as well as regular cinemagoers.

In nutshell, it was a well made action movie packed with laughs and excellent performances.


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